Adventures on Two Wheels

The recent rise of interest in gravel riding unlocks the North Queens area as the Gateway to Adventure on two wheels!

We have endless kilometers of woods roads and dirt trails for you to explore. You can access some of the remote lakes and wilderness areas, whether you are seeking a gentle ride with family, a tough off-road experience, or bikepacking for a longer trip into the backwoods.

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site has several dirt roads and trails open to cycling, including the new Ukme’k trail, a purpose-built 6.3km shared-use trail with technical mountain bike features up to black diamond difficulty; berms, rock gardens, rollers, and drops. Don’t worry though, the technical features can be bypassed, so you can ride to your ability!

The Brookfield Mines Trail Association has recently renovated the former rail trail which runs from Caledonia 18km towards Colpton. From there, it continues onto the rest of the provincial rail trail network – you can pretty much ride off-road from Halifax to Caledonia! We will be covering this route in more detail in a future post.

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