Dip Your Paddle!

Situated between the Mersey and Medway Rivers, surrounded by innumerable lakes, including those within the Kejimkujik National Park & National Historic Site boundaries, and the Tobeatic and Medway Lakes Wilderness Areas, Caledonia is right at the heart of Nova Scotia’s paddling paradise!

These waterways have been important to generations of travellers; thousands of years of history of the Mi’kmaq journeying seasonally between inland and seaside residence, trade corridors before roads pushed through the forests, and those seeking solace in the rewards of nature.

In 1908, Arthur Bigelow Paine immortalised the romanticism of a backwoods paddling and camping trip in his book, “The Tent Dwellers” – you can follow his lead; the rivers, lakes and portages are mostly untouched and waiting for you!

For a modern day take on the guided backwoods tour, contact our very own Whynot Adventure – the Keji Outfitters. Cody and Karlene offer an exciting range of fully outfitted adventures for beginners and experienced paddlers. They also offer a range of rentals, shuttles, and retail.

For more resources planning your own trip, contact Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia, or check the paddling routes at SouthShore Connect. The Province of Nova Scotia produced a guide and map “Into the Tobeatic”, which you can download.

Caledonia is your gateway to a lifetime of paddling adventures!

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