Gateway to a Getaway!

Camping has undergone a huge revival in Nova Scotia! More and more people are rediscovering the joy and deep satisfaction of a night under canvas, the smells and sounds of nature, and only the night sky stars for company. Others remember the laughs and camaraderie of a shared campfire, roasting s’mores, and finding peace in the flickering flames.

For those new to camping we have several resources locally. There are ‘Learn to Camp’ weekend courses, glamping (glamorous camping!) options in comfort and relative luxury, and fully provisioned and outfitted trips where you turn up with nothing but a credit card!

We have several campgrounds in the area accommodating RVs and trailers; you can find options whether you are touring and staying overnight, or want a seasonal site to park on and return to every weekend.

For us, though, there is no better experience of Nova Scotia than tenting beside a river or lake as part of a paddling, hiking, or biking trip to the backwoods, and Caledonia, Gateway to Kejimkujik is the perfect destination for that!

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